Discovering the Four Benefits That Are Made Possible Through Investment Into Apps for Mobile Devices

When any company makes an investment into potential marketing solutions, it is essential they utilize services that will provide them with the greatest amount of benefits. Making an investment into poor marketing solutions will only generate complications and a reduction in profit, when pursuing this investment. The opportunities that exist with apps for mobile devices have greatly expanded as local businesses and major companies seek to improve business communication through the utilization of smart phones. When considering this advantage for your own business, look at the following benefits that can be found through the utilization of these applications.

Benefit One: Improving Brand Recognition

The first benefit that a business will discover through the investment into apps for mobile phones is found with improvement related to brand recognition. Consumers who recognize specific brands, are more likely to invest in these companies therefore the utilization of a resource that will improve brand recognition is highly beneficial to any business.

Benefit Two: Improving Communication Opportunities

The second benefit that is related with the investment into apps for mobile devices can be found with improved opportunities of communication. Communication is a must for any business looking to expand their consumer base and improve opportunities, such as making sales and increasing brand recognition. When your consumer utilizes an application directly on their phone, it provides them with a direct link to your business, which is the swiftest opportunity to maximize communication efforts.

Benefit Three: Improving Ease for Consumer Access

The third benefit that is utilized when a business pursues the investor potential that is possible with apps for mobile phones is found with the improved ease for consumer access. When consumers have to visit your store and utilize various forms of transportation to get there, it can prove to be a hassle. Through the utilization of a mobile application, a consumer will gain instant access to your company and generate the most convenient opportunity available to them.

Benefit Four: Accelerating Marketing Expansion

The final benefit that a company can take advantage of when looking at all the opportunities that exist with apps for mobile devices, can be found with the acceleration of their marketing expansion. The mobile environment represents the next significant phase in advertising possibility and by taking advantage of this market early; you will be able to lay the foundation for a very successful marketing strategy.

If the four benefits associated with improving brand recognition, communication opportunities, ease of consumer access and accelerating marketing expansion appeal to your business, it is essential to find a high quality resource to aid you with these objectives.

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An iPhone for an Eye

Yes, there are indeed far too many smart phones running amok these days, and I really do hate to be jumping up onto the Apple bandwagon (it’s a cart, really), but I have to say that Apple’s iPhone 4 is by far the best product out at the moment.

I’ve tried a few of the Android models but the quality varies so much from model to model that you don’t really know what you’re getting. Top that off with the fact that most of the coolest features that make android unique are missing from a lot of the phones or are disabled until you pay an additional fee. I hate getting only half the product and then being told that if I want the rest, I have to pay a monthly premium. Where did the user-friendly Android go? I checked out the Android layout from Google before it even came out on a phone, but I have yet to find a phone that hasn’t “customized” most of the simple features making them many times more difficult to navigate. My wife finally gave me hers to program and after searching through its labyrinthine menu structure, I finally just told her to return it. The thing was absolutely ridiculous to configure, and I do that for a living!

Now, I do support a wide variety of smart phones and have since 2004 or so, so I’ve muddled through everything from the older Palms, the Blackberries HTC’s Android phones, as well as Microsoft’s windows mobile phones and there is just nothing as stable and useful as the Apple iPhone 4 in the market today. The simple app structure and exceedingly friendly interface lets even the novice users (my wife being one of them) begin to enjoy the many perks that come with the phone in a matter of minutes. I use my iPhone for work, but my kids have loaded some 20 free games onto the phone that I keep stowed within the “Kids Games” folders, keeping them out of the way.

Of course I play games on it: You just can’t help it. With the app store just a click away, and too many “free” games out there clamoring for attention, the phone has turned that mindless hour or so waiting in the doctor’s office into a couple frantic Angry Birds levels. I also picked up a few learning games and flashcard apps for the kids too. It’s amazing what kinds of studying & learning (two very “bad” words according to my 7-year old) you can get them to do when it’s all tucked into a neat little gadget that beeps, whistles and makes the little animal dance when you get a right answer.

And as for work? My job often has me running from place to place, consulting with this department or that, shuffling between meetings and projects and software deployments, even working from home on occasion. The calendar pop-ups warn me about upcoming events directly from my Exchange email server, text messages hit me when system alerts kick off, telling me what system has gone down just in time for me to do something about it. I can even pull up any of my contacts and call or email them at will, or remote into any of my servers at moment’s notice. Of course, the tiny screen on the phone makes this a real challenge, but when I’m out of touch in every other way and miles from the nearest computer, that tiny window gives me the chance to troubleshoot a server and take effective action from anywhere I happen to be, even if it is floating down the Boise river on a warm Saturday afternoon.

Everything I need to keep me plugged in 24/7 is right at my fingertips. I even have an app that allows me to change a user’s network account password without requiring a computer.

Okay, so my butt is now firmly planted on the Apple cart for now. It has to be; there really isn’t anything else on the market as easy and simple to use while being useful enough for everyone who needs to use it. At work we have over 200 iPhones (3gs and 4) and there just isn’t anything out there that gives as wide an array of useful features with the least amount of user angst. I think a lot of it has to do with the iron grip Apple keeps on application development. You may get some poorly written apps at the iTunes store, but you can bet that none of them are going to insert viruses into your phone or sell your secrets, other phone brands haven’t been as fortunate. The application stores for the other brands (except for the Blackberry, which has it’s own challenges) have their apps sold all over the internet with little or no controls in place regarding quality or legitimacy. I like my Phone Operating system very tightly controlled, thank you very much. It gives me peace of mind not having to have that concern to deal with.

My one disappointment though, is the ever-frustrating ball and chain that is iTunes. Why Apple insisted on lashing their iPhone to a program that was so kludgy and tiresome, I’ll never know. I hear in the techie outlets that this too may change in the next version of their iOS software. Let’s hope so. Their phone is fantastic, but iTunes is not very friendly with the rest of your computer, especially if you are running anything other than a Mac. My last gripe is one that is a never-ending calling card of the Apple brand; you just can’t get a free flowing exchange of information from the iPhone with anything else that is not specifically licensed and specially designed for Apple devices. There’s no letting go of their iron grip on the data flow from this phone, but that’s the Apple we’ve grown up with, isn’t it? I suppose we should take the good with the bad and call it a day. Especially since no other knight in shining armor has shown up yet to take it head-on…

Just my view from the cheap seats!

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A New Bitdefender Security App – Revamped and Refurbished to Ensure Better Protection

The numbers of Android security apps that currently span the industry are countless, but finding an app that does pretty much of all the work, still seem tricky. An app should not prey on the resources of the smartphone, should be equipped to fight against malicious applications. Also, anti-theft and anti-loss protection seems mandatory, as these are still the biggest threats that Android users face.

A security company which has done a pretty commendable job in making apps that fulfill most of these demands is what Bitdefender has done. Bitdefender recently made some tweaks in its powerful security app to give it a new avatar.

Keep it simple

Confusing, complicated interfaces are never welcomed by mobile users. Bitdefender has thus always focused on keeping it simple and being easy, but the most recently released version is to ensure mature, streamlined experience. Meanwhile, every feature is easily accessible, every step is clear and all features are explained in detail.

The anti-theft section was particularly impressive. Unlike most security apps which forget about crucial facts like URL for anti-theft web portal or a list of SMS commands, Bitdefender pulled this info correctly to help in documenting it and putting it where it should actually be.

Safety is foremost

Bitdefender has never managed the most detailed feature set for any Android security suite. Meanwhile, it makes use of a distinct cloud-based malware scanning technology which works at super fast speed and needs an internet connection.

Bitdefender’s approach for safety is different and it delivers only what’s needed to stay safe. Extra features include data backup and call blocking, which however do not present protection against the biggest mobile threats. Bitdefender’s say on Android security has always been robust yet graceful and the latest update rolled out is bound to do it even better. The latest security app from Bitdefender which is designed to deliver top-notched security for Android is the Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus 2.8 version.

Bitdefender taking a different approach, in place of piling on features, has delivered only what’s obligatory. In all, it’s lightweight, fast and effective in presenting Android security efficiently. So, use this to stay safe and protect your Android devices from all sorts of issues and problems.

There’s easy support available

The support offered for Bitdefender helps in understanding all issues and errors associated with the security solutions released by this brand. Bitdefender antivirus support can be availed at not just the home company, but with many third-party vendors as well.

Availing anytime support is very easy and requires making just one call on the Bitdefender tech support phone number, which is toll-free.

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How To Get The Most From Social Media Marketing

If you plan on using social media marketing to help promote your business in 2014 then there are a few tricks of the trade that might interest you. Social media marketing is an excellent way to reach a lot of people with your advertisements, but you have to make certain that you are using the right social media marketing venue to reach your target audience.

Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media sites attract specific audiences so you want your advertisements to be placed on the sites that have the most people in your target audience groups.

One way to get people to be more involved through social media marketing is to design a way that they are involved, and rewarded for their involvement. You can host a “party” once a month that allows everyone that visits to link their websites through your comment section.

Another way to get people involved with your social media strategies is to host a free giveaway. If you are using Facebook you can offer to give away a free item whenever your page gets a certain number of “likes”. Commonly people will say that when their “likes” reaches one hundred they will give an item away for free.

Facebook can also be used to reward fans, and attract new fans, by posting that you are having a contest, and the winner will get something from your business. The rules will be that each person that wants to be entered into the contest drawing must first “like” you page, then comment on your page, and then they have to share your page on their own Facebook pages. This is a great way to add more fans in a short period of time.

Use images on social sites like Facebook to increase your responses. People on Facebook are scrolling down their pages and reading the posts that catch their attention. If you want to catch their attention then you need to add images to your posts. They will see the image and then be compelled to read what is written beneath the image.

Pick the images you use very carefully so that you are certain you are showing the best representation of your merchandise. Take pictures from several different angles to improve the odds of getting a better image.

Take time to be active on these social sites at least once every day. That means you should read, and comment, on some of the posts you see. This activity makes you seem more like a real person and less like a business to the people who have “befriended” you.

Make real life contacts and invite them to your Facebook page. When you make real life contacts the people feel as if they know you and they are more likely to suggest to their friends that they should visit your web pages, or your business. Personal contacts in the community can help you to have a stronger online appearance.

Pay attention to your advertising to make sure that it can never be construed as being “pushy”. You want to guide people to your pages not heard them like cattle.

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