Let’s Go Beyond Just Talk – Virgin Mobile Talk Plans

These new plans offer three distinct price points for all levels of cell phone users. They are offered at $25, $40, and $60 per month for the unlimited service which includes unlimited text, email, data, and web services for use with any Virgin mobile phone new or used.

Every Beyond Talk Plan offers excellent 3G nationwide coverage and all taxes and fees are included in your monthly plan price. The $25 plan offers you 300 minutes, the $40 plan offers you 1200 minutes, and the $60 plan offers totally unlimited everything! The $60 plan is the ultimate plan for those people that can’t stay off of their cell phones or a person that needs to be constantly in contact with customers or business partners!

To get started on this plan all a person has to do is purchase a new or used virgin mobile phone, pick a Beyond Talk Plan, activate their account online or call the 1800 number, and that’s all there is to it! As long as the monthly plan price is paid on time every month, then you start each month with the plan that you signed up for. In case you run out of minutes additional minutes can be purchased with a credit/debit card or a Virgin mobile top-up card from any retail location around. If you go over your monthly plans anytime minutes, then you are charged just 10 cents a minute for calls, and if your monthly charge does not go through due to a problem with your PayPal or credit/debit account, or because there is not enough money in your balance to cover the charge then your phone service is terminated until you top-up.

Virgin mobile also offers a plan for customers who own a BlackBerry mobile device and wants to get on the Beyond Talk Plan. It is available for $10 extra per month or $70 per month, and it includes all the unlimited features and allows customers access to their web-based email, the BlackBerry messenger, and the BlackBerry App World.

There are other cell phone services and providers out there, and I have tried them all and for me Virgin mobile’s Beyond Talk Plans are perfect for when I want to talk a lil’ or a lot, so go and check it out and let’s all “GO BEYOND JUST TALK!”

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