Get Paid to Play Games

Video games have grown into a billion dollar industry within the past few years. Video game giants such as Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony create games for the average person like you and hoping they will generate a revenue. These giants try to make sure that every game they publish has the largest possibility for profits. So, before any game gets released to the public they must test them first. This is where you come in and get paid to play games. Getting paid to play games can be one the best jobs best if you truly love playing games then why not get paid to do it. It is almost like being a profession athlete except you don’t have to be physically fit.

These companies NEED people like you and me to test their games and they are willing to pay you for your efforts so why not let them. The only thing you will have to do is play the game and relay what you feel about it to the company such as, “the difficulty is too high, what was the point of what that man just said? or glitches that may and will happen”. Your main job as a game tester is to test the game for the bugs that come up as you play.

If a game was released without this kind of testing the company will lose thousands of dollars just from bad reviews of their product. Glitches can seriously hinder a company’s success. Now I am going to stop the blabbering about what a person does to get paid to play games and tell you how to get into the business.

To get paid to play games there are some requirements that you need have before you can even think of becoming a true game tester.

Almost anyone can get paid to play games ,but there is one small requirement. There is a minimum age of 18 for these positions as most companies cannot hire anyone younger than that. If your younger than 18, and you are still interested in learning how to get started then read on. Besides being 18, there are no other requirements for this job besides being able to play games.

Being a game tester does have some obvious advantages to any other job the first being that as a game test you are able to play the hottest games before anyone else and you get to keep the game after you done. You will also learn about product development, marketing, manufacturing, customer service and testing of games.

How would you like to work from home and earn anywhere between $20-$120/hour to test games for any system and keep the games for free. This could be the best experience of your life so why not check it out.

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