How To Get The Most From Social Media Marketing

If you plan on using social media marketing to help promote your business in 2014 then there are a few tricks of the trade that might interest you. Social media marketing is an excellent way to reach a lot of people with your advertisements, but you have to make certain that you are using the right social media marketing venue to reach your target audience.

Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media sites attract specific audiences so you want your advertisements to be placed on the sites that have the most people in your target audience groups.

One way to get people to be more involved through social media marketing is to design a way that they are involved, and rewarded for their involvement. You can host a “party” once a month that allows everyone that visits to link their websites through your comment section.

Another way to get people involved with your social media strategies is to host a free giveaway. If you are using Facebook you can offer to give away a free item whenever your page gets a certain number of “likes”. Commonly people will say that when their “likes” reaches one hundred they will give an item away for free.

Facebook can also be used to reward fans, and attract new fans, by posting that you are having a contest, and the winner will get something from your business. The rules will be that each person that wants to be entered into the contest drawing must first “like” you page, then comment on your page, and then they have to share your page on their own Facebook pages. This is a great way to add more fans in a short period of time.

Use images on social sites like Facebook to increase your responses. People on Facebook are scrolling down their pages and reading the posts that catch their attention. If you want to catch their attention then you need to add images to your posts. They will see the image and then be compelled to read what is written beneath the image.

Pick the images you use very carefully so that you are certain you are showing the best representation of your merchandise. Take pictures from several different angles to improve the odds of getting a better image.

Take time to be active on these social sites at least once every day. That means you should read, and comment, on some of the posts you see. This activity makes you seem more like a real person and less like a business to the people who have “befriended” you.

Make real life contacts and invite them to your Facebook page. When you make real life contacts the people feel as if they know you and they are more likely to suggest to their friends that they should visit your web pages, or your business. Personal contacts in the community can help you to have a stronger online appearance.

Pay attention to your advertising to make sure that it can never be construed as being “pushy”. You want to guide people to your pages not heard them like cattle.

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